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eCQM Library

Annual Updates
In the final rule for Stage 2 of Meaningful Use (MU), CMS outlined the timeline for reviewing and publishing updates to the Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) specifications used in the EHR Incentive Program.  CMS determined that the specifications should be updated more frequently than the rulemaking cycle for the EHR Incentive Program in order to ensure that specifications maintain alignment with current clinical guidelines and ensure that the CQM remains relevant and actionable within the clinical care setting.

CMS strongly encourages the implementation and use of the updates to the electronic specifications of the CQMs finalized in the Stage 2 rule since those updates include new codes and logic corrections and clarifications. However, CMS will accept all versions of the CQMs for MU, beginning with those finalized in the December 4, 2012 CMS-ONC Interim Final Rule and including all annual updates until the Stage 3 rulemaking and the establishment of a new edition of certification criteria for EHR technology.


  • December 2012 – Interim Final Rule and eCQM Publication.
    Publication of finalized specifications for 2014 CQMs for use in the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Program by both eligible professionals and eligible hospitals.  These are the specifications which represent the minimum requirement for a system to receive certification for the EHR Incentive Program
  • April 2013 – Annual Update for Eligible Hospital Electronic Specifications.
  • June 2013 – Annual Update for Eligible Professional Electronic Specifications
  • April 2014 - Annual Update for Eligible Hospital Electronic Specifications

eCQM Library

2014 CQM Eligible Professionals

            December 2012 Release:

June 2013 Update:

 2014 CQM Eligible Hospitals

            December 2012 Release:

            April 2013 Update:                

             April 2014 Update:


Guide to Reading eCQMs

Guide to the Quality Reporting Data Architecture, QRDA, for 2014 eCQMs

2014 CMS QRDA Implementation Guide for Eligible Hospital Clinical Quality Measures

2014 CMS QRDA Implementation Guides for Eligible Professionals Clinical Quality Measures

CMS Eligible Professionals QRDA III IG Change Log v1

Blueprint for the Measures Management System
The Blueprint provides guidance to measure developers on how to produce high-caliber quality measures.


Value Set Authority Center
The National Library of Medicine (NLM) maintains the NLM Value Set Authority Center (VSAC). The VSAC provides downloadable access to all official versions of vocabulary value sets contained in the 2014 Clinical Quality Measures. Access to the Value Set Authority Center requires a free Unified Medical Language System® Metathesaurus License (available at  It is expected that any use of value sets is consistent with these licensing requirements and copyright protections.

The USHIK Meaningful Use portal provides the ability to  readily view, download, and accurately compare the 2014 CQMs, data elements, value sets, and codes released in December 2012, April 2013, June 2013 with those released in April 2014.  Each release is available in one file, formatted in Excel, csv, or XML.  This site is produced by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in partnership with CMS and the National Library of Medicine.

JIRA Clinical Quality Measure specification Feedback System
JIRA provides the ability for vendors and developers to submit issues identified with eCQM logic, review FAQs, obtain clarification on specifications, and ask questions regarding CQM certification.  

Quality Data Model
The Quality Data Model (QDM) describes clinical concepts in a standardized format to enable electronic quality performance measurement. The model is the backbone for representing criteria used in quality
measures that are currently used by stakeholders involved in electronic quality measurement development and reporting.